Zeba Books is an independent and unaffiliated publisher with a difference. We specialize in a specific segment of books and provide both print and digital solutions to our readers at highly discounted and, at times, pro bono pricing.

We are a publisher with a focus on unique and informative content. We publish books and content across a wide array of topics and subjects, but focus primarily on educational material.

Zeba Books is a startup based across multiple countries. Most of our editors, proofreaders, designers and even printers are located across different timezones. We aim to publish a small number of books every year. Our primary subject matter includes:

  • History
  • Education and Reference Books
  • Poetry with a social message
  • Classics

Zeba Books publishes content across a diverse array of media, such as:

  • Print books
  • Digital books and eBooks
  • Magazines and journals
  • Videos, picture books and children’s literature

Zeba Books seeks to operate sans profit. The goal is to provide useful reading and learning material to folks around the world. We also distribute many of our paperback books pro bono for the betterment of all.

To get in touch, please click here. Prospective authors can find submission guidelines here.